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Conservation of wildlife is critically important, with most being endangered by way of land clearing or poaching , AGTECH360 wildlife trackers will assist in location of any animal giving geolocation to identify abnormal track (movement) behaviour. Allowing respective authorities to take swift action with precision and confidence of an animal’s location.

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The Cattle Tracker is a GPS Tag placed on the animal’s ear using our specifically designed and calibrated applicator onto the ear of your livestock, which you want tracked in real-time. The GPS Tag is reusable and powered by a built-in Solar panel and battery.

The livestock and wildlife tracker can be placed on many different types of animals, noting the size of teh device is paramount. AGTECH360 has developed the correct weight and size for each animal to the different types of environments i.e. Farms, National parks etc.

  • Cattle;
  • Sheep;
  • Goat;
  • Lama;
  • Pigs; and
  • Dog

The AGTECH360 Animal Tracker is a GPS Tag placed on your livestock either via a collar or using our custom designed TAG Applicator. All of our GPS Trackers are reusable and powered by a built-in Solar panel and battery providing a long life durable and low cost solution. The GPS tagwill track your asset in *real-time providing you the following benefits

  • Live animal tracking of movements within farm boundaries. Alerts when animals are outside of boundaries;
  • Track animals movements to increase on farm security (theft) and Biosecurity;
  • Asses the movements of stock in paddocks to identify quicker location of your livestock;
    • Providing lower operational costs in locating livestock, go directly to their location;
  • Asses animals’ movements on pasture utilisation and evaluate usable grazing areas of paddocks;
  • Track mob and individual animal behaviour to improve animal welfare and improve efficiency; and
  • Be alerted as to unusual livestock behaviour like stationary or minimal movement, which could mean a sick or injured animal e.g. 3-day sickness.
  • Lightweight/reusable tag;
    • optional strap available;
  • Durable Tag built to last 5 years;
  • Built in RFID so it can be scanned by any reader with full data available;
  • Realtime data on tag performance indicators such as Battery life and ambient temperature readings;
  • Uses on Farm LoRa and LWAN networks (installed separately) compatible with WIFI and 3G networks; and
  • Track animals and vehicles movements to increase of farm security and Biosecurity.
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