Quad Bike Tracker

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AGTECH360 has designed and manufactured a vehicle tracker with a focus being for the Quadbike. While being able to track your farm asset’s such as Tractor, water tank truck and jeep for example. The focused safety solution for quadbike is helping farmers to be alerted when an incident has occurred, When the quadbike or any vehicle or machinery rolls over an SOS alert is sent to the farm station manager.

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Vehicle Asset Tracker

  • Quad Bike
  • Motor bike
  • Tractor
  • UTE
  • Water trucks


The AGTECH360 vehicle tracker is a GPS Module placed on your vehicles or machinery , which you want tracked in real-time. The module is concealed within the vehicle to prevent damage or interference by a potential theft. The product is robust and durable with a hard protective casing to stand up to the harsh rugged conditions experienced on a farm. The tracker is reusable and powered by a built-in battery.

Key feature:

The device have been designed to assist in potentially saving a life in case of a roll over or accident, with built in alert to notify the Farm manager of an incident. Lower your risk, raise your safety, save a life.

Furthermore, tracking of other machinery and critical equipment, like, water tankers, tucks, trailers, tractors etc.

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