Farm asset tracker range

Livestock tracker

The livestock and wildlife tracker can be placed on many different types of animals, noting the size and weight of the device is paramount. AGTECH360 have developed and cooperated with third party suppliers, ensuring the best of breed devices are provided to our customers, animal matching to the different types of environments i.e. Farms, National parks etc. We work with you to provide the appropriate harness or tagging to suite the environment & animal.

Livestock tracker overview

The AGTECH360 Animal Tracker is a GPS Tracker placed on your livestock using our custom designed TAG Applicator. All of our GPS Trackers are reusable and powered by a built-in Solar panel and battery providing a long life durable and low cost solution. The GPS tag will track your asset in *real-time. All GPS Trackers can be purchased individually or as a full solution with AGVIEW360 Farm management tool. 

The Benefits:

  • Live animal tracking of movements within farm boundaries. Alerts when animals are outside of boundaries;
  • Track animals movements to increase on farm security (theft) and Biosecurity;
  • Asses the movements of stock in paddocks to identify quicker location of your livestock;
    • Providing lower operational costs in locating livestock, go directly to their location;
  • Asses animals’ movements on pasture utilisation and evaluate usable grazing areas of paddocks;
  • Track mob and individual animal behaviour to improve animal welfare and improve efficiency; and
  • Be alerted as to unusual livestock behaviour like stationary or minimal movement, which could mean a sick or injured animal e.g. 3-day sickness.

Vehicle Asset Tracker

  • Quad Bike
  • Motor bike
  • Tractor
  • UTE
  • Water trucks

The AGTECH360 vehicle tracker is a GPS Module placed on your vehicles or machinery , which you want tracked in real-time. The module is concealed within the vehicle to prevent damage or interference by a potential theft. The product is robust and durable with a hard protective casing to stand up to the harsh rugged conditions experienced on a farm. The tracker is reusable and powered by a built-in battery.

Key feature:

The device have been designed to assist in potentially saving a life in case of a roll over or accident, with built in alert to notify the Farm manager of an incident. Lower your risk, raise your safety, save a life.

Furthermore, tracking of other machinery and critical equipment, like, water tankers, tucks, trailers, tractors etc.

Wildlife Tracker

Endangered species such as and not limited to;

  • Elephant;
  • Rhino;
  • Antelopes.

Providing protection in tracking of animals which have a high value or require to be tracked during movement into their natural habitat. Tracking the animals via the AGTECH360 GPS trackers can also assist in locating sick or injured animals due to the pattern of movement shown in the AGVIEW360 software.


  • The AGTECH360 wildlife tracker is the same durable device and technology used in the livestock GPS tracker attached on the animal, allowing *real time location.
  • Designed for the protection of endangered species, to assist rangers in tracking and protecting animals being hunted.
  • The tracker can be purchased individually or in conjunction with the AGVIEW360 platform – ask us how

Technical data

The Tag:

  • Lightweight/reusable tag;
  • Optional built in RFID so it can be scanned by any reader with full data available;
  • Realtime data on tag performance and health;
  • Satellite based tracking or
  • on Farm LoRa and/or LoRaWAN networks (installed separately).