Management Solutions for Farmers

Welcome to the future of farming allowing producers to monitor their whole farm in real-time, providing farmers a higher degree of visibility of their on farm operations to making informed decisions about their enterprise. AGTECH360 gives you the capability to work smarter not harder, by enhancing your operations in utilising the system functionalities through key areas:

  • Single Software Platform for all your sensors and cameras
  • Livestock Management
  • Pastures and Paddocks
  • Smart Sensors
  • Communication networks

AGVIEW360 takes data from the different sources and present it into a simple dashboard.

GPS Tracker monitors livestock movement, locations and health status.

Animal movements, paddock utilisation and environmental impacts can be assessed and improvements can be made accordingly. 

The animals and data events are controlled on an individual and mob base, this allows for full traceability. 

Asset traceability and management gives the users control in monitoring livestock and of all on farm assets, including tracking of items such as tractors, quadbikes, ATV’s etc. This coincides with assigning jobs to employees through the management system and tracking jobs in order to maximize efficiency and profitability on farm, remotely – resource time management.

Whether you are an owner, manager or employee, the system offers a broad range of data which sets your farm on the path to improved profitability, sustainability and efficiency. 


Implementation  of the  AGTECH360 platform – AGVIEW360 will be your centralised point of information integrated to your existing platforms such as weigh scales, Weather stations, water sensors.

Higher degree of control with full visibility of your operations through a single dashboard, makes you the producer, the enabler = higher profitability and reduced overheads.

Interoperability is a key part of the AGTECH360 management suite an intuitive way for smart farming of the future. It is a thorough way of managing your production system to effectively achieve outcomes related to production, sustainability, profitability and output for you and your team.

Our Methodology

Farming Productivity

  • View operations in one central location;
  • Keep on top of how daily operations are tracking;
  • Ensure connection with personnel all over the farm.

AGTECH360 is the enabler for farmers to increase productivity providing transparent insight of asset management, in an agile and flexible solution on their terms and the way they want to use the platform.