Farm Surveillance


Implementation of a surveillance camera’s goes hand in hand with your sensors, while it is great to have a sensor relating back to you that it is working, is it really?

Seeing is believing, being able to visually see if a water trough, dam and or water tank is full, leaking or compromised in some way, can not be known from just the sensors telling you that they are working.

Surveillance cameras will provide a

  • Higher level of information;
  • Private secure network; and
  • Integration with AGVIEW360.

Your farm surveillance cameras are connected via your communications network back to the AGVIEW360 dashboard or can be set up independent of the AGVIEW360 dashboard. . all of your alerts, visual confirmation are viewed in real-time providing accurate visual information ensuring other sensors are working or to identify areas on your property that require attention.


Ensuring you have eyes at all hours of the night is some assurance that you have a record of any trespassers or tracking & visual confirmation of feral animals due to the night vision of AGTECH360 surveillance cameras. Recording a snap shot allows for a very low overhead on your data usage, even more so if you have installed an AGTECH360 communications private network of gateways and repeaters.

Contractors & unknown Vehicles

The camera can be purchased and installed separately or linked back to the AGVIEW360 software platform which provides a full snap shot of vehicles entering and existing your farm, monitoring feral animals and your livestock.

as a used case, this can be Your insurance for any questionable invoices provided from contractors or the like. Taking snap shots of date & time of which entry/exist point of your property have been accessed.

Water point monitoring

To have a visual a on your critical farm infrastructure will save time, money and allow for better time management of farm resources. This is achieved by reducing overheads of fuel, vehicle maintenance and allocation of staff by identifying where the issue is and enabling a more informed decision on going direct to the problem rather then traveling the usual route to find the problem days, weeks later.

Security Camera 180 Degrees

2×4 MP Full-Color Dual-Lens Splicing WizMind Network Camera. Built-in warm light, and the max. illumination distance is 40 m. IP67 Protection.
Intelligent monitoring: Intrusion, tripwire, heat map, and people counting.
View realtime video or receive warnings of intrusions as per the rules defined.

Security Camera PTZ

Dahua PTZ WizMind network camera adopts advanced CNN deep learning algorithms to achieve high accuracy. This camera possesses wide monitor range, PFA algorithm that can always present a clear, focused image while zooming, and smart wiper technology that supported by RainSensor.
View real-time video or receive warnings of intrusions as per the rules defined.

Security Camera Fish Eye

Dahua Fisheye series camera can realize 360° surveillance, and it is widely applied in various scenes such as airports, shopping centers, buildings, sheds.

NVR 4 Channel Smart with 6Tb

NVR4000-AI/ANZ series is a new generation of network recorders that offers powerful decoding capabilities, and strong bandwidth. It features high-precision face recognition, perimeter protection, and SMD (Smart Motion Detection), which can distinguish target vehicles and humans from other types in real time. When connected with select IPC cameras, Quick Pick technology becomes available, allowing human and vehicle targets to be easily searched for and picked out. This network recorder is not only cost-effective, but also compatible with a wide variety of third-party devices, making it a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

4PoE Switch

Uniarch switch, 6 x 100Mbps network ports,
including 4 PoE/PoE+ ports, 2 x 100Mbps uplink
ports, Max capacity for single port 30W, total
capacity 65W, up to 250m transmission distance,
all metal housing.

Solar Power System

Integrated Solar Power System (without Lithium Battery)

  • Integrated design, easy to install.
  • Pole mount.
  • Flexible angle adjustment of the solar panel and the camera.
  • 100W Monocrystalline solar panel.
  • Built sturdy to resist storms with sustained winds up to 117 km/h.
  • Remote monitoring available through the mobile app.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging controller.
  • RS-485 communication function.
  • Electric protection.

Solar Lithium Battery

Integrated Solar Lithium Battery

  • Die casting aluminum material, IP66 protection grade
  • Simple structure, compact and light
  • Applicable to the integrated solar system DH-PFM364L-D1, DH- PFM363L-D1, and DH-PFM363L-SD1