AGVIEW 360 Platform

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The Farmers right-hand man – AGVIEW360 software gives full control and management in a single view of all your on-farm operations, Tracking real-time livestock movement, Visualising Paddock utilisation, allocation of resources to areas of your property which require attention. Single view for any alerts at water points. Safety health check on Animals conditions liked into the surveillance cameras. Provides continuous updates of communication and network health. Providing confidence to make informed decisions, in real-time providing Higher productive and return. Farming Productivity Optimisation FPO.

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Save Time. Save Money. Increase Efficiency.

Farmers are under constant pressure to increase performance and efficiency to ensure sustainability. AGTEH360 are farmers or come from a farming background. We are a leader in the agritech market by providing integrated software and hardware solutions to the future smart farmer. This is achevied by providing the farmer with the technology to collect data in real time for effective decision making, providing greater opportunity to the farmer by,

  • Animal identification that integrates visual and electronic technology and traceability
  • Precision farm management using GIS, able to track assets within Geofences
  • Theft reductions
  • Assists with biosecurity and health management – Pasture Management and riparian strip reduction
  • Assists with improving environmental impacts.
  • The technology will offer low cost communication options covering large geographical areas.

The Management Suite which has been built for farmers based on their feedback is the a solution which gives a 360 view in managing your farm, an Ecosystem of centralised information giving control back to the farmer.

This is achieved via the software which gives full visualisation of all aspects that are managed on farm and uses a GIS Map system to manage paddocks and pasture. Stand alone, this product offers farmers a choice in hoe to better manage their farm, utilising AGVIEW360 functionality to record all on farm production information.

The Software

  • Draw out farm boundaries, fences and place all assets
  • GIS Mapping system
  • Animal records
  • Asset lists and records
  • Events
  • Management Calendar
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Remote management software for all on farm record keeping

Your Benefits

  • Have a visual representation of the farm and records of improvement
  • Draw and measure out potential improvements and expansions on farm
  • Store all data from your farm or multiple farms in an easy to access management system
  • Access your data from anywhere in the world
  • Easy to maintain production records of each asset to make more informed decisions
  • Create events such as animal tagging, drenching etc
  • Control levels of stock on farm in an all in one management system
  • Simplify farming by having the opportunity to integrate various products such as GPS trackers to unveil a whole new range of benefits in data driven decisions and profitability